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Jahresbericht Franz Feldmann

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Nun ist es soweit! Heute um 9.32 Uhr Ortszeit und mit 130842 km (gefahrene 52812 km) auf dem Tacho und leerem Tank habe ich unser Wohnmobil am Hafen in Halifax abgegeben. Das ist supereasy! Keine Bürokratie, gar nichts. Einfach reinfahren, Badge und Weste anziehen, hinstellen und den Frachtzettel abgeben!
«We're all Canadians, eh!» meint der Spediteur. Wos nichts zu beanstanden gebe, müsse man ja auch nichts reklamieren, meinen alle hier! Recht haben sie, da sind die Amis ganz anders! Nun noch ein paar Stunden, dann gehts auf den Condor-Flug!

Unsere Rückkehr

Ja, alles hat (leider!) ein Ende. Auch unsere einjährige Reise geht nun langsam aber sicher in die letzten Stunden hier in Kanada. Wir sind nun schon in Halifax angekommen und geniessen den hiesigen Hochsommer in vollen Zügen, sei es im Meer oder in warmen Seen.
Und für all diejenigen, die nachgefragt haben:
Wir kommen am Freitag, den 19.7.13 um 9.45 in Zürich Kloten mit der Swiss aus Frankfurt an (LX1069), hoffentlich.

French, border frustration

It's been 25 years since I've been in Montreal the last time. The city hasn't changed a lot. The Expos aren't playing here anymore ... We love the Francofolies festival where the Québecois try to feel strong! No wonder they call Québec the «national capital» and the state parks «national parks». For the rest of Canada, Québec is just a province ...
The city of Québec is beautiful, we love it! We finally get our new wheel for our RV from Switzerland, thank you Matthias! We hope we don't have to worry about it anymore until we get home.
After five days we leave direction Maine. On the US border we are delayed for more than an hour despite the fact that we were the only ones to be checked! For us it seemed to be pure chicane. There was no reason to hold us for one hour, our passports and papers were correct! They simply ignored our visa extension! We're glad we don't have to go through this anymore on this trip! We feel that this is definitely not the way paying guests should be treated!
On the other hand, shortly after that, we met Ben on the campground in Jackman, who took us for a boat ride on his platoon boat into the sunset. Thank you Ben! From there the circle closes as we visit Acadia National Park once again. We were here last September.

Quebec2 0233 Francofolies  Maine2 0025 Ben  Maine2 0032 FranzJan
Special Guests                           Captain Ben                                 On the boat

... Canada again!

We visit Chigaco but stay just one day because it's not easy to drive through this city in an RV and it's very expensive to park the car! After Chigaco we spontaneously decide to cross the border in Sault St. Marie, where we cross Lake Superior and Lake Huron. Unfortunately, one of our repaired wheels loses air again. We have to replace it and hope now, nothing more is going to happen as we don't have a spare wheel anymore ...
At the Candian customs it's easy as always! The lady welcomes us to Canada, which we never had at an American border ... The Transcanadian highway to Ottawa is evry quiet and not spectacular. In the Canadian capital city we see the parliament and take a tour through the building. The Rideau canal with its locks is very impressive. We stroll through Byward Market and enjoy a pizza.
The we finally get to Montreal where we see the old city, the Olympic stadium and the botanic garden. There's a street art festival on Ste. Catherine Street. I guess I woulnd't have problems finding a boyfriend here in this place... No wonder the sky is full of pink baloons! ☺
Quebec2 0143 Montreal Stade  Quebec2 0154 Montreal Art  Quebec2 0153 Montreal
Olympic Stadium                         Street Art in Ste. Cathérine        Rue Ste. Cathérine
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