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French, border frustration

It's been 25 years since I've been in Montreal the last time. The city hasn't changed a lot. The Expos aren't playing here anymore ... We love the Francofolies festival where the Québecois try to feel strong! No wonder they call Québec the «national capital» and the state parks «national parks». For the rest of Canada, Québec is just a province ...
The city of Québec is beautiful, we love it! We finally get our new wheel for our RV from Switzerland, thank you Matthias! We hope we don't have to worry about it anymore until we get home.
After five days we leave direction Maine. On the US border we are delayed for more than an hour despite the fact that we were the only ones to be checked! For us it seemed to be pure chicane. There was no reason to hold us for one hour, our passports and papers were correct! They simply ignored our visa extension! We're glad we don't have to go through this anymore on this trip! We feel that this is definitely not the way paying guests should be treated!
On the other hand, shortly after that, we met Ben on the campground in Jackman, who took us for a boat ride on his platoon boat into the sunset. Thank you Ben! From there the circle closes as we visit Acadia National Park once again. We were here last September.

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