Reconnected again!

Yesterday the Feldmann family left our house towards an unknown destination, going their own way. The house feels empty, it's like something is missing, but wait, they left something, they left us with some great memories. Two weeks ago I came home and found the family already waiting outside. Even though I haven't seen Frank in a long time, somehow I felt I just saw him recently. I met Pia, Ramon and Jan for the first time, what a beautiful family. It was a little awkward at the beginning, getting all to know each other but the more days went by the better adjusted we all were.

They have 2 boys and we have 2 girls, and they are at the age where boys want to play only with boys and girls only with girls, but surprisingly all four enjoyed playing together every day. We usually shared breakfast and dinner together like a big family, kids jumping and running around, Pia and I coordinating meals and Frank and Luis watching sports. Their visit was a reminder of how important is to live every moment. They enjoy every day at its fullest, making plans in the moment and making sure every member of the family agrees. Even sharing drinking a cup of coffee can be a memory that can last forever.

I'm grateful this family came across our lives and wish them a safe trip wherever their destination is. Sending you and your family a big hug, Lily
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Both families at Santa Cruz Boardwalk

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